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    Default Instead of different values in two columns per row in a Jtable, I get the same values


    I have a JScrollPane with two coulmns. In the first column I have an image pane JTable, and in the second a list with names of sections. This second column I try to divide in two columns, one (the second column) to display the names of the sections (each row contains one name), and in the other column (the third) I want to show some values for every section in the row respectively. But, instead of displaying the desired values in the third column, I get the same names of the sections as in the second column.
    Can anybody help me please.

    Thank you very much in advance.
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    Default Re: Instead of different values in two columns per row in a Jtable, I get the same va

    Code tags or gtfo. Jk, but use code tags, your code is un readable.
    1000011 1100001 1101110 100000 1111001 1101111 1110101 100000 1110010 1100101 1100001 1100100 100000 1000010 1101001 1101110 1100001 1110010 1111001 111111

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