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    Default Need help for jar file exec

    Hey all
    I need to execute a java jar file that is stored in a location using the java code in netbeans. i found many sample codes in many forums and google ...but most of them show error or not properly executing the jar file.IF any one have the code please upload it or reply to my mail
    I want to execute the jar file using java code instead of going to cmd and type java -jar jar file

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    Default Re: Need help for jar file exec

    What have you tried? Hint: you can either use a ProcessBuilder or you can add the jar to your classpath and call its main method from your code.
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    Default Re: Need help for jar file exec

    I want to execute the jar file using java code
    Do you want the code in the jar file to execute in the same JVM as the code that calls it?
    Or do you want the code to execute in its own, separate JVM by using the java command to execute it?
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