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    Exclamation Need help With Java Code , creating a 2d grid worsearch

    Hi guys ,

    I have a school project in java and my project is to make a wordsearch with a 2 dimentional grid which is 20 by 20 .
    i have passed from all of my subjects in my scholastic year and this is the only subject in not good at and im afraid its the only one which will hold me back from getting my pass for the year . I've tried reading books and watching tutorials for my project but i just can't understand anything and it doesn't come naturally to me like the other subjects . I would really like some help from someone who is experienced in this field and would be able to do the code. i would really like to do it myself but i've tried and and tried and i just can't seem to understand the subject , i was hoping i could get some help from here since my deadline is in a week and i have no one else to get help from

    The Details of the program are here :

    1. Set a graphical user interface
    2. Read in a word list from file
    3. Represent words as objects
    4. Provide a way to link letters to buttons
    5. Place each word from the word list into the grid in a random but valid configuration. Starting coordinates and directions for words should be generated randomly
    But the program will need to check that the words can be placed in those directions and locations without going outside the bounds of the grid or overwriting
    a previously placed word . While a grid configuration generated results in such an error , the method should be re-called until a suitable starting grid is found .
    6. Fill the remaining cells with random letters
    7. Disable buttons on the grid after they have been pressed , or until the player presses too many buttons in one turn (eg. if the longest word remaining on the
    word list that has not been found is 6 letters long , then the buttons should be re-set when the player presses a 7th button on the grid in one turn .)
    8. Check whether the selected letters form a word on the word list
    9. Keep Track of how many words are found on the word list
    10.Display a "game over" message when the player has found all words successfully .

    These are the words :


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    Default Re: Need help With Java Code , creating a 2d grid worsearch

    I am truly sorry for your situation. But no one here will provide the solution for you. I suggest at this juncture you talk to your instructor and/or get a tutor.

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