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    Default question about naming projects in eclipse (hierarchy)

    Below I've attached a screenshot of how I've been naming my various java projects as I go through my current textbook. I'm not sure if I'm naming them correctly. I'm on chapter 5 of Introduction to Java Programming by Y. Daniel Liang and he is currently discussing methods and classes. I'm not sure what my projects would be considered (methods, classes, or something arbitrary like projects). Further, if I wrote a program, like loanCalculator215 for example, how could i call that in a different program, like primeNumbers?

    I'm kind of confused as to the whole hierarchy and was hoping someone could shed some light. I guess the only thing I understand is that methods are within classes (I think). So are my projects considered classes? Idk. help!
    thanks in advance.

    question about naming projects in eclipse (hierarchy)-packageexplorer.jpg

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    Default Re: question about naming projects in eclipse (hierarchy)

    You can name a project in Eclipse based on what the project do. For example a Guest Book, Text Editor, First Assignment, Accounting System, etc. A .class file is a result of compiling a .java file using the Java compiler. You write your object in Java as a class, this class is stored inside a source code file that have the extension of .java. You can create a methods inside for your class.

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