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    Default Error "package nameofthepackage does not exist"


    I am trying to make a jar file in intelliJ. My directory that holds all the java classes is C:\trafficProject\src\cege. In cege there is a package ui where there is a class GuiMain. And I have imported the GuiMain() in my Main() class.

    I have this code lines:

    package cege;

    import cege.ui.GuiMain;

    and when I use the terminal in the intelliJ and write the command:

    C:\trafficProject\src\cege>javac *.java

    I get this message: error: package cege.ui does not exist
    import cege.ui.GuiMain;

    but actually, I have already put this line in my code. This confuses me.

    Can anybody help me what could be the problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Error "package nameofthepackage does not exist"

    Instead of compiling from the cege directory try to compile it from the src directory:

    $javac cege\

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    Default Re: Error "package nameofthepackage does not exist"

    The package needs to be on the classpath. Add the path to the folder containing the start of the package to the classpath.
    classpath + package should give the full path to the class file.
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