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    Default Why Java Enterprise?

    I am new to Java enterprise and am desperately trying to understand things at a very basic level. As far as I know, html, CSS, and JavaScript can represent the web just fine, why is java so intertwined with the web? Why do we even need middle tiered logic? Couldn't web servers communicate with databases just fine? Why do we have application servers in the middle? I guess what I want to know is what is the motivation for the creation of a middleware tier and therefore this whole java enterprise beast?

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    Default Re: Why Java Enterprise?

    Why do you call it a beast? An application server is basically just a Java virtual machine with an embedded web server and a list of standardized APIs and implementations of those APIs. Its exactly what I'd want - a little standardization in the great big and wickedly flexible (and by extension - often incompatible) Java world. Nobody is forcing you to use it, it is just a good thing to flock to something documented and standard because then you get a pool of people with compatible skills too.

    And what do you mean "intertwined with the web"? It is no more intertwined than say a Perl or a PHP. Its simply a means to an end, nothing more. Its basically your romanticized view on things that is the real problem here.
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    Default Re: Why Java Enterprise?

    Because none of those will perform complex processing on the server side, properly maintain a session scoped resource, etc, etc, etc. HTML, CSS, and JS "can represent the web just fine" ON THE CLIENT SIDE, not so good for determining content, maintaining DB connections, etc, etc, etc.

    Edit: Of course, with the web you are also forgetting CORBA, SOAP, yaml, XML, and probably a HOST of other web-based protocols. MOST of which are handled by a JEE server without the programmer having to now all too much about the "inner workings" of those protocols. You do realise, I hope, that a JEE server PRODUCES exactly these things you have been listing (and those listed here) as OUTPUT, right? What the JEE server itself is REALLY concerned with is the DATA and back-end processing, using those things listed here ONLY as input/output protocol.
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