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    Default Help - Do statement

    Hi all, I've been creating a simple bank account application but it's not running properly and I believe its to do with the do statement.
    Could anybody look at this for me please? Thank-you :)

    Bankaccount -

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    Default Re: Help - Do statement

    Please don't post links to code but post the code (preferably a Short, Self Contained, Correct Example). As you are probably aware, clicking on links from relatively new folks (or even old ones) can be fraught with danger.

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    Default Re: Help - Do statement

    Well, here is a link to do-while statements: The while and do-while Statements (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Language Basics)

    They are the same thing as while statements, except they test for a case at the end, instead of the beginning - effectively allowing your program to run once before doing any testing.

    I think your error is in your while statement at the bottom - it should simply be
    Java Code:

    Instead, you have:
    Java Code:
    while(condition); {
    //something is here
    I don't even understand why that something is there - you shouldn't have { } after that while, it is simple a testing statement, not a whole new while loop.

    Read the link at the top and look at the examples.

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