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    Default Eclipse take a lot (250k) of system memory?

    Just wondering if it's normal that when running Eclipse, roughly 250k memory is used by it?

    In my Task Manager, it says:
    javaw.exe 00 265,000 K Java(TM) Platform SE binary
    The value of 265,000 K is of course fluctuating, but around this value. Btw, this is when Eclipse is just running in the background, without even any java programs running in it. Is this normal memory usage by Eclipse? If not, how can I fix it? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Eclipse take a lot (250k) of system memory?

    That is the default for Eclipse. I use Eclipse but have not had the need to tinker with the memory. However, you can change parameters via the CLI when starting eclipse or changing values in the eclipse.ini file in the Eclipse home directory. Someone else or the web will have to give you particulars.

    And for future reference, this site has an eclipse forum for java users. So your messages on Eclipse should be posted there.

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