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    Question Database App using MySQL, SQL Workbench and Netbeans

    Firstly I apologise if this is the incorrect forum for my questions. I have Googled for forums on MySQL and Netbeans but both seem to focus on product development, not newbie programmers.

    I am trying to develop a small windows application to help my wife manage her massage clients.
    I am using my laptop (Windows 7 Pro SP 1 - 64bit OS) up to date.
    I will transfer the final app to my wife's laptop when I finish (at my rate of progress in 2015).
    I have installed MySQL Workbench 6.0 (community) which I believe also installed MySQL Server 5.6
    I have installed NetBeans IDE 7.4

    I am having trouble understanding the 'physical' relationship between designing and developing a database with MySQL Workbench and accessing the database from NetBeans. I have reviewed this forum and whilst I have learnt some more, I have not been able to resolve my lack of understanding and note that many Posts on this subject attract over 1,000 views implying I am not alone.

    Using MySQL Workbench I have designed and developed my database, including adding some data in some tables, e.g. Titles(Mr, Mrs, Miss etc) and States(QLD, NSW, VIC etc). I have save the MySQL Workbench file as "My Documents/AWB/BSS-Massage/Database/MassageDB.mwb". However, this is not a SQL Database. Further research pointed me towards running 'Main->Export->Forward Engineer SQL CREATE Script' in SQL Workbench which created an SQL Script (not surprisingly), however, this still doesn't create a SQL Database. I didn't select any of the options on the Export Options window.

    As I can see my database and tables and the small amount of data I entered using SQL Workbench I thought (hoped) by starting the database services in NetBeans I might be able to see my database and tables, but alas no! I have attached a JPG of the Service screen from NetBeans showing other databases (those that came with the install) but nothing about my massageDB which I can work with in mySQL Workbench.

    This is where I am hoping someone can help me - how do I get from seeing my database in mySQL to seeing it in NetBeans?
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