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    Default [SOLVED] Help on Word and Character counting in java

    I need to know what I'm doing wrong here..

    Here is my objective:

    Write a program to read a sentence (a String) entered by the user and display the following statistics:
    1. the number of words in the sentence;
    2. the length of each word (the number of characters);
    3. the length of the longest word; and
    4. the length of the shortest word
    5. assume that the phrase will always end with punctuation and the punctuation will not be counted as a character in the computation of the length.


    Please enter the sentence to analyse:

    Assignment2 may require a loop!

    Here are some statistics on your sentence:
    Word 1 has 11 characters.
    Word 2 has 3 characters.
    Word 3 has 7 characters.
    Word 4 has 1 character.
    Word 5 has 4 characters.
    There are 5 words.
    The longest word has 11 characters.
    The shortest word has 1 character.
    Press any key to continue...

    Now I was able to code enough to find the amount of words in a string, but I'm stuck when I try to compute the length of each word :(

    If anybody can help, it would be greatly appreciated

    Oh and I CANNOT use StringTokenizer :(

    My code:

    Java Code:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    public class Assignment_2 
        public static void main (String args[]) 
            Scanner userInput = new Scanner(;
        	String a = "";
        	a = userInput.nextLine();
    	  int textLength = a.length();
    	  int numberOfWords = 0;
    	  int countChar = 0;
    	  boolean isWord = false;
    		for (int i=0;i<textLength;i++)
    		   if (a.charAt(i) == ' ' || a.charAt(i) == '.'|| a.charAt(i) == '?' || a.charAt(i) == '!')
    			  numberOfWords++; \\when a space or a punctuation is found, increment number of words by one
    			  isWord = true; \\ flag isWord as true when ending of a word is found
    			  countChar++; \\ otherwise we are inside a word and we need to increment the character count
    		    \\ I tried to put a while (isTrue) statement here, but it just  loops on forever.
    			System.out.println("Word " + numberOfWords); 

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    nevermind i figured it out :)

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    You can also use StringTokenizer....

    Maybe it would simplifies the operation about counting every length of words...
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