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    Hello Guys, So I am working on this developing this app that helps men pick their attire. I have got all the design ideas and storyboards and all that done. I am very competent in doing user experience design and HCI stuff because I am specifically studying that. Now my challenge is I am trying to decide the language to use to make the app. I am using this holiday burying myself to learn Java so I can make the app in Java but from some research and readings I am just doing now, I feel that Java may not be the best language to create the app. One of the main goals of the app is for it to be easily accessible to people so I was considering having it run on a browsing instead on making a native app. I am considering using HTML 5 and CSS3. I am still learning those too. I am confused about the best language to use to create this kind of app in the shortest possible time and still meet one of the main goals of the app which is for it to be accessible easily to many people. Do you suggest i still use Java? Or HTML5 and CCS3? What other things should I consider? What options do I have? What do you suggest? Meanwhile, I already read about Java applets too and the java web services. But I need you guys candid opinion. One thing to note about the app is that it will contain lots of images based and what the user selects and also, it will support live color changing on each attire as it user clicks on a color to customize his clothe design. It will have few texts. More of images and button. please, I need your advise. Instagram . The image is just one of the storyboards I have made. That is one part of the app.

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    Since you're just learning the languages, I would suggest Java over C, C+, C# simply because your goal is accessibility (Java is platform independent). So I would choose Java myself because that's what I know.

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