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Thread: Why use Try?

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    Default Why use Try?

    Why do people use the try method? What is the point? Is it so that if there is an error it knows how to handle it? How would you know when there would be an error? Also what happens when you do try but don't handle the exception, and how should you handle your exceptions?

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    Default Re: Why use Try?

    First of all, the word "method" has a very specific meaning in Java. And 'try' is not a method.

    The basic idea is that when a method is declared to throw a checked exception, the programmer must deal with it in some way. This reduces runtime bugs. Here's a brief overview: Try Statements in Java - For Dummies

    In general, you should only catch exceptions if you can do something about them. Otherwise, declare your own method to throw them. And never catch and exception and then completely ignore it. At least print the stack trace.
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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