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    Default Digitally Sign .class

    Hi everyone,

    Please forgive what is undoubtedly a stupid question but I have never worked with Java before and know nothing about it (I am a programmer in other technologies [php, javascript, vb, vfp, sql, etc). I have a client that has a website with uses a javascript .class file as an applet. It has worked fine until he upgraded his server (Win 2k8) and now all users get a security warning when they get to the site. The guy who wrote the .class for him is no longer around and he has asked me to figure this out.

    I have found the jd project so I can decompile the .class. Obviously, I would have to get a code signing certificate and he is willing to purchase that.

    That's as far as I know about this. I am guessing I have to recompile the code but I do not even know what I need to do that let alone how to sign the code with the cert.

    Can someone point me in the right direction with this, please?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Digitally Sign .class

    Might want to check out this handy guide:

    Although I doubt this is caused by updating his server. That warning happens entirely on the client side, so I don't see how changing something on the server would effect it.
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    Default Re: Digitally Sign .class

    Indeed. This problem will likely happen when the clients update their Java installation. in the latest patch releases the security has been tightened very severely.

    Of course it may also happen when there already was a cert that expired at EXACTLY the same time as the server upgrade :)
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