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    Default How to create a Java Servlet for a given jQuery.ajax () call?

    I have a file called wfd.proxy.js that contains the following lines of code :
    Java Code:
        if (!WFD) { var WFD = {}; };
        if (!WFD.Proxy) { WFD.Proxy = {}; };
        WFD.Proxy = 
            SERVICE_URL   : "/delegate/WFD/WFService?",
            PDF_SERVICE_URL : "/delegate/pdf-exporter?",
            DATA_TYPE     : "json", // used by jQuery
            DATA_TYPE_EXT : "ajax", // used by ExtJs
            DATA_TYPE_TXT : "text", // used for tests
        	SaveWorkflow : function(code)
        			url: WFD.Proxy.SERVICE_URL + "task=savemodel",
        			data: { code : code },
        			dataType : WFD.Proxy.DATA_TYPE,
        			type: 'POST',
        			success : function(data) {
        			error : function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown) {
        				alert("Errore di comunicazione: " + errorThrown);
        	WFD.Proxy.OnSaveWorkflowCallback = function(data) 
    I have written the code that converts an xml file to JSON format. The JSON string that i get from the code I've written until now, should be passed as the code parameter of `SaveWorkflow : function(code)` .

    So I have this url:

    After code=
    I have to pass the JSON string, and this should return me "success" if all the content of JSON has been saved and an error instead.

    I'm not really sure what do I have to do at this point.
    I did some searches and saw that jQuery.ajax() calls where manipulated using Java Servlets ...

    Any idea how to resolve this please?
    Thanks in advance
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    Default Re: How to create a Java Servlet for a given jQuery.ajax () call?

    Generally speaking, when you POST to a servlet, the data passed is not in the request header, it is in the request body(the data is not a part of the URL). So, your URL just needs to be the URL of your servlet, and all of the data will come in as parameters.

    On the server side, your servlet doPost() method will need to parse the json that you are passing as a parameter, make sense of it, and return the appropriate data:

    Here is an example of parsing JSON on the server side.

    Java Code:
    JSONObject jObj = new JSONObject(request.getParameter("data")); // this parses the json
    Iterator it = jObj.keys(); //gets keys
        String key =; // get key
        Object o = jObj.get(key); // get value
        //do something with the data

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