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    Default Extra functionality?

    Good morning all.

    For my main assignment for Java we are working on a program using WolframAlpha.

    I would love to hear some suggestions as to what i could do for extra functionality.
    The entire assignment is worth 100 marks, and the extra functionality section is worth 10 marks of that.

    The program is to do the following:

    1: Prompt user for question and send to WolframAlpha.
    2: Return to user the answer returned, less all the gibberish. (Cleaned up asnwer)
    3: Store questions asked to a .list file
    4: Store answers for each question to .list file
    5: Alert the user if they asked the same question already and return to them the answer for that question.

    6: extra functionality for 10 marks.

    I'm doing ok with the program as a whole, but would love to hear suggestions on what extra to bolt on!
    (Not looking for code, ideas only)
    Please give me beginner level stuff i can work on.

    Cheers lads,


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    Default Re: Extra functionality?

    You don't get the assignment. Its is meant to make YOU think about it, not to make you go to a forum and ask other people to do the thinking for you. What ideas do you have?
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    Default Re: Extra functionality?

    Ideas i had:

    1: Counter list of the users top 5 most searched for words
    2: using currenttimemillis i could append to each question/asnwer the time the question was asked
    3: filter at question asking stage that reject questions that are null/empty/whitespace and lacking at least one character

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