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    Default Problem with textedit/wordpad

    So I use textedit to compile ( I like barebones software ), and I am very new to Java. I have two classes, one is "MyApp", and the other is "Runit". What I am trying to do is make myapp a constructor and then just put new Myapp() into Runit, but it will not let me. I made both classes two separate java files under the package "mike". What am I doing wrong here? This is the error I am getting:
    Java Code: error: cannot find symbol
    new MyApp();
      symbol:   class MyApp
      location: class Runit
    1 error

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    Default Re: Problem with textedit/wordpad

    Who knows? You don't post the code, so impossible to say which of the dozens of mistakes you can be making is the winner.
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    Default Re: Problem with textedit/wordpad

    Also, how are you compiling it?
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