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    Post How to calculate Variance from a given file

    I want to calculate Mean and Variance from a given file "file.txt", and then write the results into another text file "output.txt".

    I just know that I have to import*, but I don't know what should I do more.
    Please help me.

    Here is the file that I want to read for calculating Mean & Variance:
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    Default Re: How to calculate Variance from a given file

    I am pretty sure that your professor wouldn't give you this on day 1, when you haven't even written a single line of Java yet. So there *must* be something you can write to make a start. Please make an effort from your part and show what you got, describe the problem you have, where you are stuck and any error message or stacktrace. Once you do that, the forum will also make an effort and help you understand the problem. You must keep in mind that this is not, or
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    Default Re: How to calculate Variance from a given file

    Next time, please just type the seven numbers in the post. In general this forum frowns on attachments.
    Also, the web is ripe with algorithms on calculating variance, standard deviation, etc.

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    Default Re: How to calculate Variance from a given file

    @OP: I moved back the original content of your post so that other readers know what this thread is all about.

    kind regards,

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