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    Default Unreachable Code


    I have a private global integer array that is supposed to hold a value representing the number of cards in a deck (each index represents a different deck). I also have a 2 dimensional array for my decks (each row is a deck and each column is a card), and each card is also an object. so when I add a card to one of my decks, i need to also increase the card count in the global array by one. so when I do this (i.e. array[5] += 1;) i get an error saying that array is unreachable. how can this be fixed.

    P.S. I know this is a general explanation, but I am also looking for a general answer, something like an explanation of unreachable code and common steps to resolve the issue. This being said, if more information is needed say so and I will do my best to provide it.


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    Default Re: Unreachable Code

    You probably have a return statement somewhere before that line. Posting your code would help, however.

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    Default Re: Unreachable Code

    return statement, or a throw statement perhaps. Probably not though, exception handling will probably be a step too far for someone who hasn't learned to deal with unreachable statements yet :)

    Java Code:
    return 10;
    System.out.println("You can't reach me!");  // unreachable code, you can't ever get here because of the return statement
    Java Code:
    if(state == State.ERROR){
      throw new AppIsInErrorStateException("Blammo!");
      System.out.println("You can't reach me!");  // unreachable code, you can't ever get here because of the exception being thrown
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