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    Default Excel XML Parsing issue

    Hi guys,

    I've written a code which reads an excel file, parses to xml and saves in a excel file.
    There is an error in the code when dealing with empty values.

    The excel sheet has 9 columns where each row is filled with data.
    The problem is when a cell doesn't have a value/data it creates a tag in xml but does not leave it blank, but writes the value of next cell..
    Any ideas?

    You may see my code here: [Java] excel xml parse -

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    Default Re: Excel XML Parsing issue

    Post the relevant part of the code here using the forum code tags (or the button in the advanced editor), don't post it on some external site. If you do that, then most people behind a corporate firewall or proxy won't be able to look at it, and people are not very inclined to just follow links anyway.
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