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Thread: Where to start.

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    Question Where to start.

    Hello, I'm Alex. I am 13 years old. I find Coding/Programming interesting. I have some knowledge of C++, and almost full knowledge of Batch. I have created many games/text based games. I chose Java, over all of them. I think Java would be the way to go for me. I plan on creating games (Small games) when I am older. I know NOTHING about Java, so I need a basic page, that would help me start. I Googled it, and came up with only WikiHow basic text programs. That are bad. I want a page that tells me ALL that I need to know, so that I can start with Java. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Where to start.

    The Oracle tutorials?

    That's assuming you don't want to get hold of a decent book.
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    Default Re: Where to start.

    Quote Originally Posted by pasta549 View Post
    I want a page that tells me ALL that I need to know, so that I can start with Java.
    That doesn't exist. But a good beginner book will tell you MOST of what you need to know to be up and running. The Java tutorials that Tolls linked to are okay but in my opinion not really written as a learning guide, more as a reference to quickly look specific stuff up.
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    Default Re: Where to start.

    Like others have said, you probably won't find something that tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. If you do, that page is probably lying! Java is HUGE, so there isn't any one single correct path from being a novice to being an expert.

    That being said, if you want to get into game development in Java, I highly recommend starting in Processing. Processing is written on top of Java, so you'd be learning all the correct syntax, but it's designed to be really visual and interactive without worrying about a lot of boilerplate code that can be confusing to novices.

    Check out Processing here:

    I've also created a bunch of tutorials that take you from the very basics in Processing to Java development; check out the link in my signature to Static Void Games!
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