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    Default Questions From a Beginner

    A few beginner questions.....1. Is a program written in Java called a Java program. 2. How are Java programs read and executed by the computer? Does the Java software perform this task? 3. When a program is executed in any programming language, does the code have to be translated to the computer's machine language for the computer to understand? Are programming languages created for easier human understanding and the computer machine language, which consists of all numbers, is for the computer's understanding only?
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    Default Re: Questions From a Beginner

    A user (programmer) creates text files; those files contain source code for Java classes and/or interfaces. A compiler translates those text (source) files to binary files containing 'class code'; class code makes up the instructions of a non existent (virtual) machine. The JVM (Java Virtual Machine) is just a program that interprets the instructions for that virtual machine. The current JVMs do something clever though: they translate the class code to actual machine code (and forget about the interpreter part completely); so basically, your source code (in text files) passes through two compilers: the 'normal' Java compiler and the JIT (Just In Time) compiler which delivers the code that is actually run by a real machine. Of course the intermediate (class) code and the final machine code are diffficult to read for an ordinary human and most of the time the original Java source (text) code is also hard to read for humans ;-)

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    Default Re: Questions From a Beginner

    i call it a "java class" if its in my ide or not a runnable jar.. if its in a runnable jar i call it a program / application unless its a game as a runnable jar then i call it a game
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