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Saigon Zoo raising a lot of fun for tourists to visit . To help farmers better results than other types of pets here , it was decided to use the software to work becomes easier, described as follows :
more interesting - each with code names weight , date of import barn , we consider the following specific animals :
. Lion : in addition to the above properties can also calculate the amount of food it eats each day = kg
. Monkey : extra attributes are her favorite food
. Snake : more body length
Given a list 1 ( Lits , array , Collection , or Map .... ) to store a list of the animals had
Example : the Lion Code : L01 , name : Cat, weighs 400kg , Date Added: 10/10/2010 , 10kg of food eaten / day
Monkey : M01 code, name Mon , weighs 75kg , date of 1/1/2010 , like ice cream
Snake : S01 codes, called worms , weighing 12kg , date of 30/7/2010 , 3 m long
Requirements :
write them with the following functions :
1. Add 1 animal
2. Delete me from the list
3. Fix Info object cn ( name , weight , information .. )
4. seeking animals by name, code
5. see the list of available animals
6. filtered list above individual animals
7. up list

1.when this is selected will be required to enter complete information
, without re-enter enough , enough of the new to the list and notify
successful , then asked if she did not want to , then do it again
next as above, go back to the main menu
2. if the animal code to delete the message does not exist will not exist, if it is reported and deleted successfully deleted asked again, do not go back to main menu
3.when the menu appears select information except cod, for correction, if enough milk will stay informed and successful, if
not start re-enter until enough alone
4. when selected it will ask for by name or code, depending on the selection, if there will be a code name or information , are not
going to notice is found, then return to the main menu
5. is a list of animals available and in place
6. select this menu will ask you to filter by, then a list of animals that information is
7. if this menu is selected it will ask to save or save all the animals selected, then save xuiong file , save the animals, only animals that choose to save the file to