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    Default 8 or 16 bit characters

    When I use BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream,
    I believe I am dealing in 8 bit bytes and characters.
    Am I correct?
    How do I work with 16-bit Unicode characters?

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    Default Re: 8 or 16 bit characters

    Don't use Streams, use Readers and Writers and their compadres instead.

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: 8 or 16 bit characters

    I don't understand modern text handling.
    It looks like I have a lot of relearning to do.
    Do BufferedInputStream and BufferedOutputStream handle
    UTF-8 which, as I understand it from what I have read,
    can have more than one byte in a character? And do
    java Strings handle UTF-8? And is UTF-8 a good
    way to go? Where can I learn in one spot what
    to do to handle a wide range of characters?
    For a rough idea, the following are beginning lines
    from the methods I wrote years ago and still use,
    but I suppose I have to replace, and don't know how.

    public final static BufferedInputStream openBISFile(String inFilStg) {
    public final static int readLine(BufferedInputStream inFilStrm,StringBuffer lineImage) {
    public final static BufferedInputStream closBISFile(BufferedInputStream inFilStrm) {
    public final static int numOfFldsSplitFromCsvStgBufLine(StringBuffer csvStgBufLine,StringBuffer[]dtaFld) {
    public final static void removeLeadBlanksFromBuf(StringBuffer sb) {
    public final static void removeTrailBlanksFromBuf(StringBuffer sb) {
    public final static BufferedOutputStream openBOSFile(String ouFilStg,boolean wantNewFile) {
    public final static void println(BufferedOutputStream ouFilStrm,String strg) {
    public final static void flushBOSFile(BufferedOutputStream ouFilStrm) {
    public final static void closBOSFile(BufferedOutputStream ouFilStrm) {

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    Default Re: 8 or 16 bit characters

    Check out the Oracle tutorials in my signature for info on file I/O.

    Both, UTF-8, and UTF-16 are supported. Checkout InputStreamReader (Java Platform SE 7 ) which is subclassed by

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