I have been trying to get my program to sort a list of items using quick or merge sort but cannot get it to work. I can get my program to sort using selection sort, but cant figure out how to convert it to quick correctly, or even merge. I am only supposed to use the collections from my sortable class below in the quick sort, but cannot figure out how to do that without using Nodes, is that even possible?

Java Code:
	public void sortAction(){
		//While there is still items in original collection
			// variables to keep track of selected item
			Item maximumItem = null;
			Item someItem= null;

			collection.reset(); // We start at the beginning
			collectionTwo.reset(); // We start at the beginning
			//while there is a next
			while (collection.hasNext()) {
				// What's next?
				// update someItem so goes through collection
				someItem = (Item) (collection.next()); 
				// set the color of the new collection with selected items
				someItem.setY(firstItemYCoord); // Position
				//Here we compare each item with the my value using Comparable interface
				//in Item
				if((maximumItem == null)||(someItem.compareTo(maximumItem))==1)
					maximumItem = someItem; // we keep track of it
			// if there's actually a maximum
			if (maximumItem != null) {
			collection.reset(selected); // make it the selected for removal

			collection.remove(); // remove it

			collectionTwo.add(selected); // add it to the new collection