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    Default Using a variable like this: setColor(variable), or how to move variables

    In this method I make a string variable, and move it to a different one.

    Java Code:
     private void produceRainbow() {
     String color = "RED";
    There is more code there but it does not matter (essentially, changing the string to other colors).

    Next this method:

    Java Code:
     private void produceArc(String color) {
     GOval arc = new GOval(leftX, upperY, rightX, lowerY); //ignore these four variables
    Here I want to set the color to a string.
    So I want it to become "arc.setColor(Color.RED)"

    When I compile, I get this error: cannot find symbol
    symbol : variable color
    location: class java.awt.Color

    Is it even possible to do what I want to do? If so, what am I doing wrong?

    (If you're curious, I made a seperate method for each arc (red, blue, green, etc, all have their own method) and this works, but I was wondering if I could just use one method that takes a variable, which makes the code a lot shorter)
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    Default Re: Using a variable like this: setColor(variable), or how to move variables

    The compiler is telling you that Color.color is not a valid field. I am not familiar with GOval but most setColor methods expect an object of type Color, not a String. So instead of using "RED", why not just use

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    Default Re: Using a variable like this: setColor(variable), or how to move variables

    @OP: please don't remove your original question text; it leaves this thread completely useless; I restored the previous content of your post. There are other people besides you who are reading this forum.

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