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Thread: Guys help please!!!

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    Default Guys help please!!!

    Hey! I have a question for my comp science class:

    Using a 2 dimensional array create a path from array [0][0] to the opposite corner. Repeatedly get a random number representing one of 8 possible moves. A legal move is one that moves forward, and does not run into the "edge" of the array. If the move is illegal the process starts over with location [0][0]. Going forward is defined as the sum of the two array indexes either increasing or staying the same. Count the number of times it takes to create a legal a legal path from beginning to the end, and print the array to the screen showing the path that was successful. Allow the client to repeatedly play the game and choose the size of the two dimensional array.

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    Default Re: Guys help please!!!

    Since you are a terrific student you should have no problems doing your own work.

    Otherwise make an attempt at writing the code. If you get stuck post your code here using code tags, copy and paste exact error messages and ask a specific question.

    Do not dump your homework on us and expect someone to do it for you.
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