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    Default JAVA GUİ designing, programming

    I star learning java couple months ago; watch some tutorial, read some books, loops, variables, classes bla bla bla...Like basic, starting point i am.
    Want to see something, create something, learn more...

    Want to learn form designing= gui = I was using eclipse but i found that eclipse there is easier to use buttons , textbox bla bla bla.

    I ınstall eclipse but ... nothing.I dont know what to do, how to do.Is there any good tutorials , book or something let me start with gui programming with java.I want to learn...
    Or should i start with visual basic like everybody else..Please give me , show me a way.

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    Default Re: JAVA GUİ designing, programming

    Hii cyqrus,
    If you want to learn GUI in java than use JDeveloper(IDE). It will give much easy environment for java AWT/Swing. You will find drag and drop facility for creating jButtons, jLabels, jPanels, etc. I will recommend you to use eclipse for rest of java but for GUI jDeveloper is to be used for easy learning.
    Best of luck

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