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    Default Java, read text from file and break it into lines

    I'm writing a code that read a text from a file and then sort it into lines of max specific width.

    Example: a text that contains "aaaa bbbb cccc dddd"

    specified width is 16

    so the output should be

    aaaa bbbb cccc //width is only 14, if dddd is added, it would be longer than 16.


    My approach: read the text and assign it to a string
    Java Code:
    Scanner input_OUT = new Scanner(new File("abc"));
    PrintStream output = new PrintStream("abc");
    String s = "";
    String str = "";    
     while (input_OUT.hasNextLine()) {
        s = input_OUT.nextLine();
        str = s +" "+ s; //This will keep adding onto str until hasNextLine is false
    String s = "";
    while(input_OUT.hasNext()) { // get words if it still have
                if (s.length() + > width) { 
                    s = str.substring(0,s.length());
                    str = str.substring(s.length()+1,str.length());
                    s = "";
                else {
                    s +=;
    Although it compiles. But the file doesn't show any output. I think my code is not right. I know there is options for stringbuild, string split, array. But i'm now allowed to do that.

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    Default Re: Java, read text from file and break it into lines

    First, print out to the console to make certain your program works as expected. If it does the odds are you are not flushing the output buffer.
    You can create an instance of PrintStream with the autoflush option set to true. That may solve your problems. Or just do an output.close()
    when you are done writing to the file.

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