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    Default Strange bug i cannot figure it out!

    Hey im doing a sodoku game. I can solve the puzzles easily enough and i am using a GUI to do so:

    my GUI consists of a solve and an load file button.

    The issue i have is that when i load a file a click solve it will solve the board fine and dandy! but when i load a file again, even if its the same file it wont solve the puzzle.

    i am resetting the board when i load in another file, cannot figure out this issue.

    The code is quite long and i tried running a shortened example but the problem didnt persist.

    Would it be possible for someone to team view me? or i can send a copy of the zip code to them and see if they can find the bug and point me in the right direction?

    I am not asking for you to fix my code, just asking if anybody can identify the problem and lead me the right way

    First load and run through

    Strange bug i cannot figure it out!-first.png

    Second load and run through, of the same file notice it does not solve NOTICE THE TOP LEFT CORNER CELL[0][1] AND [1][1] ARE BOTH 1

    Strange bug i cannot figure it out!-untitled.png

    my 2d array is of JLabels and this is how i reset it on load
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