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    Default Generating a unique Serial Key in java

    i am writing an application which calculates the depreciation of an asset. Now i want to identify each asset with a unique serial key in java based on these table conditions in mysql.

    Java Code:
    Description         Description_Code       
    ---------------      ---------------- 
    Lands & Building          LB(001) 
     Branch_Area           Branch_Code 
    ------------          ------------- 
    Labone                     LB(001)
    i want to generate my serial number based on a default FC/ +Branch_Code/+Description_Code
    example is FC/LB/100/LB/001
    Any directions or help will be appreciated THANK YOU

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    Default Re: Generating a unique Serial Key in java

    Assuming that the combination of the various identifiers provides unique identification, this is just a simple string concatenation. Check out StringBuilder in the JDK API. This assumes there are no constraints imposed by the database.

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