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    Default Basic Java Server


    I have been looking into this for a while, and I can't seem to find the difference between Tomcat and Glassfish. I know that Glassfish has something else included while Tomcat is just the HTTP framework, but I can't find anything anywhere that explains what that actually means.

    Basically, I am going to be making a very simple game that transfers data over a server. There is a room where people can walk around. That's it right now. All I want right now is to be able to transfer from the server to all of the clients the following information for each person in the room: Their x position, their y position, and a value (byte, int, whatever would be best) representing which preset character that player chose to "play" as. So basically, 3 numbers.

    The problem I'm running into, is I have found a lot of website hosting information. I have purchased a domain, and am prepared to purchase hosting if necessary, for I eventually want to combine this with the RPG that I have already been making. The problem is, like I have made painfully obvious, I know literally nothing about servers.

    So, that leads my next question. I have the money to purchase a server. Should I do that? Or should I just use a GoDaddy server? What are the downsides to each?

    Also, if anyone has a useful tutorial that shows how to work with Glassfish or Tomcat that doesn't involve creating a website, that would be great. Because creating a website IS NOT my goal. Anyways, I know this question is hard to understand, but I'm really confused here. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Basic Java Server

    Tomcat does not have JSF "out-of-the-box", and it does not fully support CDI (AFAIK), and you cannot use EJBs. That is what that means.

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