Hi all,

I'm looking for some pointers on the next steps for me in learning Java.

I have taken a few programming classes in college to this point, learning the basics of object-oriented programming, and having also learned the core/basics of the C++ and Java languages. I plan on completing a Bachelors of Computer Science degree, though at the moment I am working full time and only attending school part time. And programming seems to be one field where I could teach myself enough to land a job even prior to completing my degree. That is my goal - to learn enough on my own, outside of school, to where I could land my first programming job. I still plan on completing the Bachelors degree as well, but it will take me a good bit longer considering I am only going part-time.

I have learned the basics of Java - but want to learn enough to actually start building some of my own applications, both for computers as well as mobile devices. I feel that if I could build my own applications that I will have learned enough to qualify for a Java developer position, at least an entry-level one. Also, my applications will be resume material themselves.

I also am considering becoming certified in Java, to further supplement my resume.

So, having learned the basics, but with still more to learn, what would you guys recommend for next steps? Are there certain books, video series, or websites which you would recommend to take me from basic Java to the level of understanding I would need to qualify for a job?

Thanks in advance for any help.