Good evening, I have scanned my lake with a depth finder that allows me to export all the points to a spreadsheet. I'd like to turn that into a 3d contour with different colors for different depth. Contour maps are nice, but if I can 3D it I would be very happy! I have been studying and writing basic java stuff but I'm just not sure how to tackle this. I'm still very green but have realized the importance of coding. I would like to make it (Interactive) zoomable and rotatable as well. I'm going to put it into a website. If this doesn't make since think of a contour map of mountains.

The spreadsheet has these columns ... (there are thousands of rows)
Latitude, Longitude, Depth of Water, time and date the ping or plot was taken (May not be needed).

Thank You for your time and assistance. I have searched and searched for this. I'm at a loss. I'm hoping is something I'm over thinking.