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    Default Java Reflection

    In this tutorial (Learn Java for Android Development: Reflection Basics) on Java Reflection, inspecting the 4th section of the article titled "Inspecting the Constructors Avalable within a Class", it is written,

    "To get just the constructors that are publicly available, use getConstructors(). However, if you want to inspect those methods specifically declared within the class, whether they are public or not, use getDeclaredConstructors() instead."

    What do they mean by constructors which are publicly available vs. the constructors which are declared within a class. Aren't all constructors declared within the class.

    Does it mean that constructors can be declared outside a class? I don't think so. Or does it mean that some constructors are not declared ( and are publicly available, may be default constructors) while others are declared, within the class of course.
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    Default Re: Java Reflection

    getConstructors == get all public constructors in current class.
    getDeclaredConstructors == get all constructors, regardless of visibility, in the current class.

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    Default Re: Java Reflection

    Thank you very much!
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