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    Default Simple Menu

    Hello, So I have this program, where you add an animal to a zoo, you choose what kind of anmial it is (mammal, bird or reptile), give it a name, and if it's a reptile or mammal you say if its dangerous or not.
    what I want to do is create somewhat of a 'menu' for adding animals, I don't want it to be a complex GUI menu, just something simple.
    I'm new to programming, so my code is simple, as for now it's just classes with attributes, like:
    Java Code:
    public class Reptiles {
    	public String name;
    public Reptiles(String reptileName) {
    	name = reptileName;
    public void setName (String newName) {
    	name = newName;
    Something like that, any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Simple Menu

    Take a look at a tutorial on the JAVA Swing API.

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