I am planning to develop a project in Java Rmi for my distributed Computing class, So I have gone through the concepts of Java RMI in various books( Java RMI by William grosso, Distributed computing concepts and design chapter 4 & 5 on RMI, Java how to program by dietel chapter 20 on RMI). I got a clear idea of how to develop a Java RMI application, But in all the books I studied, they do not mention about how to link a java RMI application to a GUI,

The user needs a GUI to enter values and perform an action, and these values are taken by client and pass these to the server and server performs the action requested by client and returns answer to the client. The client displays it to user through GUI ,Then the user able to see the result visually.

MY question is
How can I create a GUI and connect it to the client program? What concepts I need to study to develop a GUI for a user to perform client-server interaction in RMI?
can I use HTML to collect information from clients as we do in servlets and send them to server in RMI or is there other standard way to do so?

Please help me