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    Default Importing classes from a jar file

    I'm trying to make a program that uses a binary search tree to sort some things. The code for the binary search tree is in an executable jar file, so when I try to compile using blueJ(which I'm still getting used to) it doesn't recognize any BinarySearchTree objects. I tried to use " import bst.BinarySearchTree", but that didn't work( it said bst isn't a package). After I've completed the code, if I compile it using javac -cp .;/c:/?/bst.jar will it compile correctly?or will I still need imports?
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    Default Re: Importing classes from a jar file

    From stack overflow.
    Look at the answer with the tick by it, the one with the preferences window picture.

    That's how you tell BlueJ that there's an external jar file it needs to include in its searches for classes.
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