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    Default Help with the basics

    Hello, So I need help with starting out. I'm taking this Java class, but my books has not arrived, and our 'teacher' is not available.
    The funny thing is, we just 'jumped' into things, and I have no clue on what I'm doing!
    If someone could take a look at the assignment, and give me some help, or suggestions on good guides, It would be appriciated.

    Assignment: Create a system that displays creatures in a zoo (like mammals, reptiles and birds), split atleast one class into two subclasses (reptiles to snakes & lizards).
    All animals added to the system shall be registered and have names. Register if the reptiles and mammals are dangerous or not. For birds, the lower and upper limit to the number of eggs should be recorded.
    Make it possible to add new animals, add/remove new 'rooms' to the zoo. After entering the species, it's natural habitat should be displayed. Make it possible to display all information about one or several animals after a specific name or species have been entered.

    Okey, I have done some research and I know how to make classes, and subclasses, But I can't seem to get any further than that, by request I can post my work so far, but it's really nothing I think.
    If u don't have time to write code examples and stuff like that, just try and point me to a good direction.

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    Default Re: Help with the basics

    Check out the Oracle tutorials in my signature below.

    The JavaTM Tutorials | SSCCE | Java Naming Conventions
    Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part

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