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    Default static member reference error

    in this function when i try to close my scanner it gives the error"cannot make a static reference to a non static method close()"
    what do i do? i could choose to not close the scanner but it results in a resource leak warning
    node create_left(node head,int serial){
    node temp=new node();*2;
    Scanner a=new Scanner(;
    return head;

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    Default Re: static member reference error

    what does this method do?

    If the error message says
    " ... cannot be referenced from a static context"
    it means that the method you are calling is an instance method... you can't call it in main or in any other static method

    you'd have to create an instance of the class that defines such method the call the method using a reference variable... like you've done when you said a.nextInt()

    try saying a.close() instead of Scanner.close()

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