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    Question [Solved] How do I do a simple compare in java (within an IF)???

    I'd think this would be much easier than it actually is....

    All I want is to compare one string with another (I've hard coded one of the strings for now - for simplicity), and return a TRUE or a number that makes sense (like a 0).

    Here is what I've tried:

    Java Code:
    if (submitForm.getStrType().equalsIgnoreCase("Advice")) {
    } else {
        ps.setInt(7, submitForm.getIntWords());
    I've also tried:
    Java Code:
    if (submitForm.getStrType() == "Advice")
    Java Code:
    if (submitForm.getStrType().compareToIgnoreCase("Advice"))
    ... all with no success (it always fails and goes to the 'else' statement)

    I've confirmed that submitForm.getStrType() returns "Advice" (see attachment)


    EDIT: My apologies. Issue has been solved (was a web publishing issue - not a syntax issue)
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    Default Re: How do I do a simple compare in java (within an IF)???

    What String are you passing in to the comparison? Create an SSCCE where the String is hardcoded so we can see exactly what you're doing.
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