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    Talking Server/Client question

    Hello everyone!

    In my school, we have a senior project requirement to graduate. We have to do a project on anything we want (from non profit organizations to building a robot, which sounds great but it's not really that great haha) and I chose to create a game using Java.

    I probably won't make the game extremely complex, because my skills in Java are quite limited (as in, I still rely on Google for most things)... However, I am going to incorporate a server/client sort of thingy in my game. Is it hard to make the server? (It will be a real time strategy game with no AI, just PvP)


    P.S. sorry if this is too vague, I'm just trying to get an idea of how deep of a hole am I digging in this project...

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    Default Re: Server/Client question

    Quite deep. This requires quite a bit of experience on multiple levels, I would pick something else if I were you. Creating a game will require you learn lots of theory too, its not all about programming. And there are the assets to consider; you need graphics, sounds, music and levels. A strategy game would require you to learn the following:

    - generic game theory (the game loop, frames per second, input response)
    - path planning
    - collision detection
    - working with 2D graphics (OpenGL, working with images, applying filters)
    - sound and music playback
    - networking (client/server architecture)
    - game networking (latency, predictions, clock synchronization)

    Or you can go down the 3D graphics road and use a prebuilt engine such as Unity (which is C#, not Java) or JMonkeyEngine (which is Java). So you have to learn all about 3D and still most of the above.

    And that is all tech, then there is the design of the actual game itself of course! Creating the units, balancing the gameplay and the difficulty... Someone who doesn't have the experience will take at least a year to build something like this.

    Of course it also depends on what you will be making. Creating a multiplayer poker game is far easier than creating a C&C clone. Perhaps you want to scale it down a little.
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