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    I have a windows dhcp server which assigns addresses dynamically.I need to get the client addresses assigned by dhcp and also get the hardware configurations of each client such as network controller,storage controller etc.How should I proceed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Step 1: figure out if you can even do this using Java. My gut says: not without native code, since this is very operating system specific and Java doesn't do operating system specific things.

    Of course if your server comes with some sort of interface to get this kind information things are different, but I doubt that.
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    I think that you want to develop a soft to monitor your Desktops or Servers.

    I imagine that you need to:

    For first, code a discovery tool which scans your network (using your ip gateway and net mask) and compare it with your DNS (optionally)

    Second, I think you are using Windows Desktops and servers then you should use MS WMI queries, they give you a lot of information about the discovered desktops and servers, you can using it with Java through j-Interop please consult (jWMI €“ Query Windows WMI from Java | and j-Interop : Java - COM Interoperability | Free Development software downloads at

    I wish it is helpful for you

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