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    Unhappy Java Program Question

    Just wondering how to Write a console Java program that asks the user to enter many whole numbers. The program should
    read these numbers until a negative number is entered. Then the program should print the least of
    the non-negative numbers entered. If the first number entered was negative, print "No numbers."
    Example output when some non-negative numbers entered:
    Enter a number: 45
    Enter a number: 23
    Enter a number: 2
    Enter a number: 32
    Enter a number: 54
    Enter a number: -1
    Least number is: 2
    Example output when no non-negative numbers entered:
    Enter a number: -1
    No numbers.

    please help me find out a way how to do this, it has had me stumped for a little while now :(

    hope someone can help me.
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    min = -1;
    input = 0;

    Java Code:
    while( input greater/equal 0 ){
         input = from user;
         compare input to -1
         if false, 
               if min is -1, assign to min
               else compare min to input,
                     if input is less than min
                           min = input;
    show min value;
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