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    Default Help with running .exe from JPanel in Java

    Hi everyone,

    I am a novice in java programming and would like to seek some advise from developers.

    My project requirement is to integrate 2 views into 1 view. So, I will get a .exe and is required to run it from jpanel in java.

    So when I run my java application, .exe is launched as well..

    Anyone can tell me how can I achieve this?? Suggestions and advise pls..

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Help with running .exe from JPanel in Java

    You can launch external applications from java using the Process class, here is a stack overflow about it. It will not however run "inside" the java context -
    integrate 2 views into 1 view
    - if one of those is some random windows gui app, then you are not going to be able to arbitrarily run it "inside" a java window, nor can the two gui windows communicate directly. Maybe if we had a clearer picture of what you are trying to do we could provide more advice.

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    Default Re: Help with running .exe from JPanel in Java

    Thing90, the answer will still be the same, no matter how many threads you start.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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