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    Default Synth vs Custom JPanel


    So I am trying to make an actually visual appealing program. Everything I have done in the past has used the default L&F, because it has always been for some assignment or just as a test. I never planned on anyone else using the application.

    At any rate, I want the program to look good. The default JButtons are awful, and so is everything else. So basically, the title says it all. Should I create a class that extends a JPanel and then add a mouse listener to it, or should I use XML combined with synth in order to change the pre-existing JButtons, JSliders, etc. The only problem with the first option is that I don't particularly want to create my own text areas, sliders, drop down menus, etc.

    So, what have people here done, and what do you think I should do? Thank you.

    PS: I'm sorry if this should have gone in the Swing forum, I just thought it was a bit too basic of a question to belong there. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Synth vs Custom JPanel

    Way back when I used Substance to have incredibly slick looking user interfaces, but since was migrated from Sun to Oracle, the project seems to have dropped off of the planet.

    Nowadays if you want to make something flashy, I would rather investigate JavaFX 2 in stead of Swing.

    EDIT: hm, seems it moved to github:

    Substance look and feel - getting started

    Example screenshots here:
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