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    Question Help!! Schedual class with time and date

    I am in need of some help to solve a task but I have no clue how to do!!
    The task is to design and implement a class representing a schedule. It should be possible to add and remove moments and I can use ints to represent date and time, also it should be a method that checks that no moments collide, the method should not write anything but retur a boolean!
    Now this is how far I have gotten:
    Java Code:
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    public class Schema {
    private static final int MAX = 31;
    private ArrayList<Integer> numbers = new ArrayList<Integer>();
    private boolean okNumber(int i) {
    return i >= 0 && i <= MAX;
    public void add(int i) {
    if (okNumber(i) && !numbers.contains(i) ){
    public void delete(int i) {
    if (okNumber(i))
    numbers.remove((Integer) i);
    The problem is how to get the time in the class, i have no idéa and would be very happy for any help and code!!
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    Default Re: Help!! Schedual class with time and date

    Think about it this way. Your goal is to create a class that represents a Schedule.
    How would you describe a Schedule, and what is it comprised of?
    This will help you to begin thinking about the attributes for your Schedule class and the best data structures to represent them.
    The Schema class that you have defined is only comprised of Integers that represent the day of the month.
    Java is object oriented, so just think about what makes up a schedule first, and that will help you to visualize the classes.
    That is the way that I would approach it. A Schedule is a collection of.......

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