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    Default Learning with a project? (game)


    I have been reading a fair bit of Java books and tutorials for a month or so, I am due back to college in a few days and have decided that Java is going to be my main focus.

    I love the language, it seems simple to learn yet hard to master.

    My main focus is going to be Java > android > games, learning along the way.

    Is it a good idea to start developing a long term project? Something that I can work with, add new things I have learnt etc etc.

    I feel as if it is about time, when I am reading these books all I can think about is "oh, i could use that for xyz in a game".

    I was going to start developing some sort of framework for a turn based Pokemon style game, this seems the most simple type of game and it can be entirely text based while I write the core of it, then once I learn more about GUIs, graphics and what not, I can change it to work with them. Then finally when I am learning android I can port it over and see how it goes.

    Has anyone done anything similar to this? Maybe not the game but learn along side your own long term project. How did it work out?

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    Default Re: Learning with a project? (game)

    DeryBurke tell him about forum rules

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