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    Default Google Analytics - max Results

    Hi all,

    i am not really new to Java, but the last time i used it, was in University and that is already a couple of years agon now, so i thought i'd rather post my question here.

    My problem: I am trying to get data from Google Analytics about our website using the Google Analytics API. Generally this is working fine. I can connect, i get the data i want and i can export it to CSV. The only problem is, that i can get only 10.000 per call, so i assume i need to find a way to run my app in a loop as often as i need to get all website's data. I think, i might to use different parameters for each loop...but i just dont know, how to do it.

    Is there a way to solve my problem - maybe some code snippets or examples i can look into ?
    (Please find the little something i achieved attached.)

    Thanks a lot!
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