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    Default Help with code execution

    Can some please tell me why I am not being able to execute this:

    Public Class Main {
    public static void main (String[] args) {
    byte e = 3;
    byte l = 1;
    byte o = 0;
    String output = "H" + e + l + l + o + "w"+ o + "r" + l + "d";

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    Default Re: Help with code execution

    Well what you posted won't even compile, so you're not even at the executing part yet. The keyword is 'public', not 'Public'.

    And questions consisting of a single sentence are 999/1000 times not answerable. You don't provide any information at all. What is the name of your source file, which commands are you using to compile and run the code.
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    Default Re: Help with code execution

    Addisionally, please go through the and BB Code List - Java Programming Forum - Learn Java Programming and learn how to post code on this forum.

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