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Thread: On the right track?

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    Default On the right track?

    I've programmed a few simple programs, and decided to start a bigger project. It will be a strategy game with almost completely moddable features. Basically, the game can be as complicated or as simple as someone wants it to be, without changing the code.

    It has been going fairly well, but there are a few bugs/problems. Additionally, I'm not sure I'm using good organization. I am putting the source code and other necessary files online in a .zip. If someone could please look over the program critically, that would be greatly appreciated. Anything even slightly helpful is wanted.

    Some of the bugs are:
    1) Sandbox does not work, but normal mode does. I've looked it over multiple times, but I can't find the problem.
    2) The program in general seems a bit slow. I am doing something wrong?
    3) When looking at the townWin (with the details of a town) it is completely in Swing. I would like to paint it using paint component, but I can't figure out what formula to use to correctly space the options. My latest attempt is still in the townPanel.

    The program can be found here. Thanks for ANY help.

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    Default Re: On the right track?

    You will get better results if you post your code here (use a SSCCE) and ask specific questions.
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